How to answer the “What are your greatest strengths?” interview question

Written by Arcelia Camacho, PMP   “What are your strengths and weaknesses?” is a common job interview question you need to prepare to answer. People who were taught not to brag about themselves can struggle to answer this particular question. Here’s an exercise you can follow to come up with well-thought answers to this typical

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Small-talk can help you succeed in Canada

Written by Arcelia Camacho, PMP   Stellar communication skills are the cornerstone of any professional career. The tricky part about communication skills is that they are measured by the culture you live in. That is why, as a newcomer to Canada, you may need to adapt your skills to the hosting workplace culture. Small-talk is

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What’s the difference between an elevator pitch and a resume summary?

Dear PrepCan: What’s the difference between an elevator pitch and a resume summary? Sincerely, Confused pre-arrival client   Dear Confused Pre-arrival Job Seeker: There are several elements that make up your personal brand. Your elevator speech and resume summary are part of them. Both your elevator pitch and your resume summary are marketing statements, they

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How I Found My First Job in Canada as a New Immigrant

Written by Sundar Nadimpalli   I recently found a job in Canada, and I owe my success to a systematic approach. This is how you can also find your first job in Canada as a new immigrant.   Use Pre-Arrival Services I got my confirmation of PR email from IRCC in September 2017. The email

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How to Write a Resume that Gets You Job Interviews

Written by Arcelia Camacho, PMP   The purpose of your resume is to get a job interview. That is why your resume has to be tailored to the job description, achievement-oriented, and error-free. Here’s how you can write a resume that gives the employer confidence in inviting you to interview. Gather your keywords. When you

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