All About Networking

Written by Arcelia Camacho, PMP   We are often told that networking is a crucial activity that should be engaged in if one wants to advance their professional career. This makes one wonder… Is professional networking a new trend? I tend not to think so. Networking has always been about who you know, and it

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What is Canadian Workplace Culture and How You Can Learn More About it?

Written by Arcelia Camacho, PMP The last time I googled Workplace Culture was in April 2017, and I got about 452,000 results. Workplace Culture is definitely a popular concept. But what is workplace culture, exactly? After reviewing hundreds of sites that included the words “Workplace Culture” and “Definition” here are a few definitions I found

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Follow this Advice to Produce Resumes Free of Grammar & Spelling Mistakes

Written  by Arcelia Camacho, PMP   There is nothing more frustrating than realizing you have misspelling or grammar errors on your resume after you had clicked the “Apply” or “Send” button. Research shows that your resume can end in the “pass” pile if the HR recruiter or the hiring manager notice misspelled words on your

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Where in Canada should I go to improve my chances of getting a job?

Written by: Tania Maximenko and Arcelia Camacho, PMP Now that you are preparing to immigrate to Canada, you often ask yourself and others this challenging question. Well, the answer depends on many factors such as your area of expertise and working experience, the current Canadian labour market, and your preferred lifestyle. If you are open

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Canadian Resumes: How Different can they be from Mine?

Written by Arcelia Camacho, PMP   Have you ever wondered how different your current resume might be from a Canadian one?  How many pages should it have? How much personal information should you include? How do you sell your skill set and experience for the role in question? Keep reading and get answers to these

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