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PrepCan’s Insiders Vol. 6

Written by Arcelia Camacho, PMP Dear PrepCan: How should I prepare for an interview? Sincerely, Excited New Canadian   Dear Excited New Canadian: You will find on the Internet tons of articles that provide tips and advice on how to prepare for an interview. During a conversation with one of my friends, she summarized the

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How Can a Volunteering Experience Benefit my Career in Canada?

Written by Arcelia Camacho, PMP, Cert. APM A version of this article was originally published at Settlement.Org   You have heard it before. Volunteering is a way to acquire work experience in Canada and even to get a job. While volunteering might not guarantee you a job, it could significantly improve your probabilities when you

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PrepCan’s Insiders Vol. 5

Written by Arcelia Camacho, PMP Dear PrepCan: I have been sending my resume to potential employers and haven’t heard from them. My resume is four pages long and includes this information: Sincerely, Worried Job Hunter     Dear Worried Job Hunter: Your four-page-long resume seems to be an excellent start to build a master resume.

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Lessons Learned from Job Interviews

Written by Arcelia Camacho, PMP   Job interviews can be stressful because of what it is at stake: the means to make a living, a promotion, a new career. I have been through a good number of interviews, 35 and counting to be exact. In some of those interviews, I have left the room with

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PrepCan’s Insiders Vol. 4

Written by Arcelia Camacho, PMP   From: Confused Job Seeker Dear PrepCan: Should I start applying to Canadian jobs before my landing date? Some forums say I could, and others advise against. I do not know what to do. Please advise.   Dear Confused Job Seeker: You can apply to Canadian jobs before landing. When you do,

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