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What should you know about virtual interviews?

Written by Arcelia Camacho, PMP Originally published at   As competition for jobs keeps increasing, companies look for cost-effective ways to short-list you when you apply for a job position. It has then become common for employers to conduct virtual interviews where they can assess your non-verbal communication and your level of comfort with technology.

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PrepCan’s Insiders Vol. 2

Written by Stacey Noronha   Dear PrepCan, I recently received an invitation to interview for a really great company. I’m nervous as this is my first interview in Canada. Any suggestions on how I can do to prepare for this interview? From: Nervous in Toronto   Dear Nervous in Toronto, Congratulations on your first interview!

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What should I know about phone interviews?

Written by Arcelia Camacho, PMP Originally published at Also known as a screening interview, phone interviews are used by employers and recruiters to short-list you for an in-person interview. During a phone interview, you answer questions about your relevant work experience, qualifications, and salary expectations for the job.   When and why are phone interviews

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Follow this Advice to Produce Resumes Free of Grammar & Spelling Mistakes

Written  by Arcelia Camacho, PMP   There is nothing more frustrating than realizing you have misspelling or grammar errors on your resume after you had clicked the “Apply” or “Send” button. Research shows that your resume can end in the “pass” pile if the HR recruiter or the hiring manager notice misspelled words on your

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Volunteering: Is working for free worth it?

Written by Arcelia Camacho, PMP   A couple of weeks ago, I bumped into a colleague who works next door. She asked me how I was doing, we started chatting, and I mentioned some volunteering activities I am involved in. “Oh, do you do all that work for free? Why would you do that?” She

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