From resume writing to salary negotiation, passing through online branding and workplace culture, you’ll LEARN the nuts and bolts of the Canadian Job Market. This section offers you all you need to know to secure employment in Canada: job market information, credentials assessment requirements, employers’ insights, and much more. Dive in!

Regulated Occupations

In Canada, occupations can be classified as regulated or non-regulated. If your occupation is regulated, you may need to get a license to work in you field of expertise. This section will help you identify if you need to get licensed and how to get your credentials accredited.

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Labour Market

How would you know where in Canada you have a better chance of finding a job in your profession? The answer is Labour Market information (LMO). Learn the basics of LMI and how to use this information to your advantage.

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Job Search Tools and Strategies

Looking for a job may seem like a full-time job in itself. Approaching recruiters, networking effectively, and attending job fairs are some of the strategies you need to implement to start a career in Canada. Get information on the necessary tools to do this effectively.

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Professional Image in a Digital Age

What you post on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, and how you behave on these sites can create a first impression on potential employers. Depict a professional digital image and learn how to best market your skills.

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Job Application Process

Applying for a job requires a lot of preparation: thorough company research, customized resumes and cover letters, and more.   Keep abreast of the latest trends and make a good impression on recruiters and potential employers.

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You Got an Interview

Congratulations, you’ve been invited for an interview! This is the moment of truth. In this section, you will find information on every step of the interview process along with tons of tips to market yourself better.

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Workplace Culture

Cultural fit is key for most employers according to a survey of recruiters and hiring managers by Jobvite. Learn about the cultural traits present in the Canadian workplace and how to avoid common faux-pas when working in Canada.

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Employment Rights and Responsibilities

In Canada, there are laws in place to ensure a harmonious and productive relationship between you and your employer. Become familiar with your rights and responsibilities as a worker and some Canadian Labour standards.

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Occupation-Specific Information

To market yourself and work in your occupation of choice, you may need certain training, skills, and knowledge. In this section, you will find resources that will help you in your job hunting process.

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