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Job Interview

Infographic: Interview Body Language Techniques. Do’s & Dont’s

You have prepared thoroughly for that job interview. You have researched the company and the recruiters’ LinkedIn profiles,  practiced how to answer common interview questions, you have an effective elevator speech, and your interview outfit is ready to go. How about your body language?  Check out this infographic about the Interview Body Language Techniques Do’s

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The top 5 job interview mistakes for creative roles

You’re not going to be hired for every job that you interview for – it’s a tight job market and there is some stiff competition for most roles. That being said, if you don’t get the job, you want it to be because there was a more qualified applicant available, and not because you shot

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Drink That Coffee in Your Interview. Slowly.

I can’t count the number of times that a candidate walks into an interview with us, asks for a coffee and then doesn’t touch it…. I understand that they are nervous and that they have probably had a couple of coffees already, but I think that you can tell a lot about the candidates who

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7 Tips to Make Interview Nerves Disappear

If not dealt with effectively, interview nerves can leave you lacking confidence and feeling anxious- they take up so much time and energy that would be better spent researching and preparing for the interview itself. Like most common fears, interview nerves are generally irrational and at best, misplaced concerns. Here are the tips you should

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8 Mind Games That Recruiters Play During Interviews

Interviewers can use a lot of strategies to choose the right candidate. They could ask certain questions and perhaps play mind tricks that could make you reveal what kind of worker you are. Through surveys conducted by Leadership IQ, leadership and training provider Mark Murphy divulged tricks for recruiters to use during interviews in his

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