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Labour & Employment Law

Employment Law Changes for Workers Expected In 2017

Employment Laws Laws that affect Canadian employees are seldom carved in stone. Statutes may change when new governments take power. Fresh court decisions can alter standards overnight. What’s on the horizon for 2017?  Some important matters that may affect you directly. Click here and read about some of the employment law changes to come.

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Employment Law: Understand the Bonus Policy

Bonuses appear to be a perfect way to recognize the success of meeting budget expectations or of surpassing quotas, or of partaking in the Christmas spirit. If an employee resigns prior to the payout of a bonus, is the employee still entitled to that bonus? Click here, keep reading and find out.

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How a workplace accommodation works

Every employee in Canada has the right to equal treatment in employment and cannot be discriminated against on the basis of actual or perceived disability. What are your rights as an employee with a mental health issue in the workplace? Click here and find out.

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Can your employer terminate you for getting a job offer?

Can your employer terminate you for getting a job offer? Click here and find out.

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Canadian Employment Law: Knowing Your Employee Rights

Many employees don’t know what their rights and obligations in the workplace are. Since being informed can help you stand up for yourself in your job, here are some helpful information and resources for you.

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