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Networking Interview: Build Your Network Little by Little with Alexis Grant

Alexis Grant is a former journalist with U.S. News & World Report where she covered hiring trends and job-search strategy. Now Alexis focuses on entrepreneurial writing and digital strategy with a focus on careers and the workplace. Today she gives us her perspective on networking and its importance as it relates to people’s careers.

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Start Networking with People Outside Your Industry

Most professionals build their network over time through proximity — people from your business school study group, or colleagues from your current company or past jobs. You may have a few outliers in the mix, but unless you’ve been deliberate about your networking, the vast majority of people you know probably work in the same

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Networking to find a job? Focus on being generous

Networking doesn’t have to (soul) suck. When you identify what you have to offer, you open up a less draining, more personal way to network: through giving. When you stop treating networking as “putting a dollar in the relationship bank to withdraw someday” and focus more on what you can do for your network, you

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3 Subtle Ways to Ask for a Job That Are Better Than “Please Hire Me!”

When looking for job opportunities, focusing on what you’re seeking to gain can frame you as needy (and a little boring), instead of as the curious, caring, and resourceful person you are. If your goal is to create job opportunities for yourself, try one of these lines. They’ll set you up to go after your

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The Top Tips To Get The Most Out Of Your Network

Here’s how to ensure your resume and profile get in front of the right person.  

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