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Three or More May Be the Charm

Companies with more women Board Directors experience higher financial performance, according to the latest Catalyst Bottom Line report. Click here and keep reading.

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Looking for a new job? Honest Do’s and Don’t for Interacting with Employers

It wasn’t too long ago that I was the one updating my resume and worrying about my next career move. I COMPLETELY empathize with the stress and insecurities that come with this process. That being said, here’s my honest take from being on the flip side. Here are some pretty big Do’s and Don’ts for

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5 Things Recruiters Want to See on Your LinkedIn Profile

With 2 people joining the network per second, LinkedIn is more important than ever both as a professional networking and job search tool. Before you rush on over and set your LinkedIn profile up, read these handy tips to ensure your profile gets off to a great start. Already have a LinkedIn profile, then make

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Hiring Managers Share Their Top Behavioral Interview Questions, And We Help You Answer

With so many potential questions, it’s hard to know how to prepare. That’s why LinkedIn went straight to the source for the inside scoop – they asked nearly 1,300 hiring managers from around the globe to rank their favourite behavioural interview questions. Use these to jumpstart your interview prep and get focused on the questions

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How to win the interview and get the job: even if you are new to the country

Let me tell you about my friend Mary. Mary was very successful in getting interviews. But she just couldn’t land the job. What was it? She asked herself this question every time and was getting increasingly discouraged. I asked Mary to talk me through her last interview, so I could see what was happening and

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