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Ranking Innovative Cities in the World

According to the City Innovation 10th annual classifications and rankings, 2016-2017, Toronto is ranked 8th of 500 cities in the world. The ranking is based on 162 indicators.

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A practical alternative to ‘following your passion’

Passion is not developed in the abstract; you are not going to have an epiphany and suddenly discover your passion. You will find your passion as you develop your career; it is a process. A thoughtful approach will start you down the right path. The key is to follow Nike’s adage: “Just Do It.” Get

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Hospital’s gender gap hasn’t improved in 15 years

A Toronto teaching hospital is in danger of losing bright, creative women if its major and persistent gender gap is not addressed, a new study suggests. Click here  and keep reading the article.

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Toronto startup veteran launches digital health-records platform

“What if you could press one button and get all your information, all at once? That’s where Dot Health came into being,” said Ms. Idrees, who conceived of the idea while watching a friend’s father struggle to get his health records – and as a result, proper treatment – during a battle with late-stage cancer.

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The Top Tips To Get The Most Out Of Your Network

Here’s how to ensure your resume and profile get in front of the right person.  

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