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10 IT jobs that pay more than $50,000

Do you have a variety of experience in IT? Explore your possibilities in the Canadian Labour Market! Aside from the wide variety of job openings in the industry, the Canadian government recently launched the Innovation Agenda, which will further encourage investments and start-up funding across the country. Here are ten IT jobs that pay more than

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Should I Disclose My Pregnancy in A Job Interview?

Pregnancy should be a joyous chapter, but that joy can be overshadowed if you’re in the midst of a job search. The reality is that starting a new role that you’ll need to train for and subsequently leave within several months isn’t ideal for many employers. Although you are not legally obligated to disclose your

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5 Science-Backed Networking Tips That Actually Work

Networking often means getting out of your comfort zone. Sometimes, you’ll find yourself in awkward situations. But, you could also make some of the most important relationships of your life. If you aren’t a natural born networker, that’s okay. You can look to science to help you navigate. Here are a few techniques I’ve used

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Best 8 Interview and Job Seeking Tips

Looking for a job can be a job in itself. To make the best of it, follow these 8 interview and job searching tips.

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10 tips for job hunting in the digital age

Here’s a list of the ten things that job seekers can do to boost their chances of getting through the door.

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