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To be successful, accept the possibility of failure

The number one characteristic that holds someone back from building a successful network (and career) is a fear of failure. While failure is essential to success, facing failure isn’t easy. So here are the three things that I have found helpful when facing failure.

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The Secret of Networking in One Diagram

If you remember just one thing about networking remember this Venn diagram.

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CIBC partners with Magnet to support employment for Canadians living with a disability

Committed to increasing employment opportunities for individuals living with a disability, CIBC announced on January 17 it is partnering with Magnet, an online network that connects job seekers to employers based on skills and talent needs. Click here to keep reading.

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Bill 26 Creates New Training Requirements And Paid Leave For Employees That Experience Sexual/Domestic Violence

A new Bill is gaining momentum that, if passed, will require employers to keep up with new training requirements and establish a new paid leave for employees.

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7 Body Language Interview Mistakes (and How to Avoid Them)

Actions speak louder than words —before you’re even given the chance to prove yourself at a new job, you need to make sure your body language doesn’t sell you out at the interview stage. Employers are looking out for a variety of things when you sit down opposite them in an interview. We’ve compiled the

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