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Minimum Wages Across Canada In 2017

You normally have the right to be paid a minimum wage. Applicable legislation exists in every province and territory as part of employment standards legislation. The rate is the lowest amount per hour employers can pay employees covered by the statutes. Every year each province and territory review its existing rate.

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The worst fonts for your resume ranked

With so many applicants clamouring for jobs, it’s tempting to want to do something to stand out from the crowd: a creative cover letter, a recommendation from an influential friend, maybe even a retweet or mention in social media. But the one place you should avoid exotic creativity is in your resume font. Unless you

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What To Remove From Your Resume In 2017

Here are 5 things to remove from your resume so you can make space for all the good stuff you want to emphasize.

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The Proactive Job Search: Thinking Beyond the Job Board

Tired of trawling through the same job board vacancies? While the reactive, job board-scrolling strategy works for some, it’s worth noting that only 37% of recruiters claim that their best candidates were found through online job sites.It’s time to try a new way of searching. The proactive method involves looking beyond the obvious and using

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The 3 things that employers want to see in your resume

In this business, I end up reading many, many theories about job interview tricks and resume strategies for getting hired. The thing is, most of these over-complicate the situation by diving into the minutia of what is actually a fairly straightforward process. When it comes down to it, resumes are boring to read, and hiring

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