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5 Keys to Building Rapport in a Job Interview

It’s time to hone your communication skills and focus on building rapport with your interviewer. People hire people they like. Quickly establishing a relationship with your interviewer gives you an edge over other applicants. Keep reading and make a positive lasting impression at your next job interview.

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How To Brand Yourself For A Career Change

Job-seekers worry about their branding, but the folks who worry about it the most are people who are trying to change careers. They wonder whether hiring managers will consider them for open positions when their resumes don’t seem to show any relevant experience in their pasts. Here are some of the branding questions that keep

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How to have a successful job interview

They have called. You really want this work. Use the following five interview strategies to make you shine. After it is over, you decide if it is still your great work. Click here to keep reading.

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LinkedIn VP: Employees with soft skills are key to success

As a business leader, if you’re focused on cultivating hard skills at the expense of soft skills and emotional IQ, you’re doing it wrong. Identifying employees with the right soft skills is crucial to building a strong talent mix and setting your team up for success, and yet leaders are struggling to find and nurture

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Canada’s Job Market @ Year End 2016

From a jobs perspective 2016 finished much as it started, most markets were okay but not great and the oil and gas space was “hurting”. Click here to read the full article.

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