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PrepCan’s Insiders Vol. 1

Posted by: Arcelia Camacho Date: June 30, 2017 Category: PrepCan's Insiders

Written by Stacey Noronha


Dear PrepCan,

I’m new to the country and am looking for work. Do you have any suggestions on how I can break into the Canadian workforce?

From: New To Canada


Dear New To Canada:

Welcome to Canada! Here are some suggestions on how you can crack into the Canadian Labour Market:

Research the Labour Market

Use the recommended resources from your Employment Consultant to research labour market intelligence and identify the leaders in your field, the hiring trends, and the required technical and soft skills. You may need to requalify or learn new skills upon your arrival so let PrepCan best help you prepare for this step. Target companies you would like to work at and follow them on their social media channels including LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook to keep up to date on job openings and new developments. You can then mention these tidbits in your cover letter and interview to better showcase your knowledge of the company.


Volunteering is a fantastic opportunity to gain Canadian experience, learn about the Canadian workplace culture, and to expand your network. To find volunteer opportunities in and around your community the best place to start is Volunteer Canada’s website which lists all of the different volunteer centres across Canada. While volunteering may not always lead to a paid job at the organization, it’s important to see volunteering as an opportunity to gain new skills, build on skills you already possess, practice your communication skills, understand the workplace culture, and also to gain that Canadian experience.

Network! Network! Network!

A great way to connect with like-minded colleagues and influencers is to join an association that is relevant to your field of study or career. It’s important to connect with the right people so be strategic with your efforts. Conducting informational interviews with people who are working in the occupation you want can also provide you with information and advice on your industry and its corporate culture. People respond positively when you can make a personal or professional connection with them. Informational interviews are effective research tools that can provide you with a wealth of information and maybe even a job lead. Ask your Consultant on how best to prepare for one.

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