From October 20th, 2017, I started applying online to pretty much any position that matched my profile (or at least like 60%). I've applied to over 200 jobs. Got about 6 or 7 calls. I've had 3 in-person interviews and 2 on the phone. TD offered me a job as IT Support Analyst III, a permanent position, and I'm going to start on February 7th, 2018.


Hi, PrepCan! Landed safely in Toronto. Got a job in downtown Toronto as a Performance Test Engineer. Joining from October 10th . Your job search tips worked really well. A big thanks to you and your initiative. Thanks!”


I have previously used the chat service of PrepCan and so far found it immensely helpful. The last time I use it, my queries were solved in just 10-15 minutes. The chat service is extremely prompt and effective. I have seen other pre-arrival services, but PrepCan is far better than the ones I have so far registered to. You guys are doing a wonderful job!


I am settling well, and I actually just had a phone interview with Nestle, Canada for a General Production Associate position. I really think it's a very good chance for me to get my first Canadian work experience. Thanks for all the things I've learned from you.  I still have my notes and references from your webinars! 🙂




Thank you for such wonderful informative sessions. I am really awed by Prepcan's initiative to help people like me. Your webinars are very lucid and to the point, and you do a great job at explaining things in a very realistic way.


Awesome Place, with Awesome People. It makes you happy that you are starting a new life in a place like Canada where you get a chance to learn and work with the wonderful people at PrepCan. I certainly recommend their service to everybody moving to Canada. You will learn a ton of valuable information about your expected life in Canada, in terms of Work, Settlement, Education...etc.
Keep up the good work PrepCan. All the best.


Simply great service for the newcomers. So helpful in finding a job and getting an idea of how to settle in Canada. Thanks for the entire team for such a great help.


As I enter into the last week before I depart to Canada, I wanted to take a moment to thank PrepCan and Ruwaida for all the services you offered. They were all very useful, and I can now confidently step into Canada being fully aware of what to expect !! Thanks for your webinars which were detailed. I especially enjoyed live examples and the analogies you always provided. I wish you and PrepCan all success.




The resources PrepCan has given me are truly enriching. I particularly liked the one about The 64 Most Common Interview Questions.


The webinars that I have attended so far were also very educative. I think I have learnt many new things, especially about the culture that exists in the Canadian workplace.


Thank you for all the useful information, tips, and personal experiences you shared. I've learned a lot. Hence, I now feel less anxious about my big move to Canada.


Your presentation, useful links and information, and examples on the topics "Identifying Your Skills" and "Creating your e-Portfolio" are very interesting and important for me! I'm really thankful and happy that Canada is investing so much in the future of immigrants, and I feel the same way for people like you who provide these services. Thank you!


I enjoyed your webinars today, and I have already made some edits to my resume based on what you taught us.


Thank you so much for your time and for helping us. I very much appreciate the knowledge I gained about Bridging Programs. This webinar was very relevant and resourceful.


Thanks a lot for sharing these webinars. I’m implementing this useful, newly acquired knowledge to networking and contacting employers.


I benefited a lot from the webinar session today. It gave us a thorough understanding of how to present our resume and cover letter to better meet Canada’s job market expectations.


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